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What Questions Do Employers Ask In Interviews

The main part of the interview starts when the interviewer begins asking direct questions. The sections below represents questions from the main categories of questions interviewers will ask from. Tips to prepare on how to answer employers questions Know your skills or provide examples of your skills and successes related to the position Know why you

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Have You Forgotten Something During Your Job Interviews

While you’re getting ready for job interviews, you’re probably going over your responses occupied with what you’re going to wear and doing as much analysis as you can about the company! Nonetheless, you might be forgetting one essential factor…your delivery. No we are not talking about fast food delivery!   The best way you deliver

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How To Improve Your Speech Delivery During Interviews

Does your voice convey confidence every time you speak? Or does your voice need strength training? Vocal training is no different to body building! Vocal training does not happen over night and often times it will be frustrating. Like going to the gym if you go in and try to show off rather than doing the

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