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    10 Call Center Interview Questions You Cannot Avoid

    Working at a call center is a rewarding experience with plenty of opportunity for social interaction – together with your friends in addition to with people on the other end of the phone line. Most call center jobs offer convenient hours, tons of benefits and a high-tech workplace that’s comfortable and secure. As well as,

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    How To Deal With An Early Job Interview

    Finding it hard to wake up early? Here’s how to deal with an early job interview! The saying ‘Early bird gets the worm’, right? Well, not all of us are like worms nor do we care to catch them. Sadly, in the world of  jobseekers and the BPO companies that’s more than willing to hire you, squeeze all

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    How To Improve Your Speech Delivery During Interviews

    Does your voice convey confidence every time you speak? Or does your voice need strength training? Vocal training is no different to body building! Vocal training does not happen over night and often times it will be frustrating. Like going to the gym if you go in and try to show off rather than doing the

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